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Bladder Irritants

Dietary Irritants To The Urinary Tract


Apples Mayonnaise
Apple Juice Nutrasweet
Cantaloupes Peaches
Carbonation Pineapple
Chilies/Spicy Foods Plums
Chocolate Strawberries
Citrus Fruits Tea
Coffee (including Decaffeinated) Tomatoes
Cranberries Vinegar
Grapes Vitamin B Complex

If bladder symptoms are related to dietary factors, strict adherence to a diet which eliminates the above food products should bring significant relief in ten days. The proof is resuming your old dietary habits followed by the return of symptom complex. Once you are feeling better, you can begin to add these things back into your diet, one thing at a time. This way, if something does cause your symptoms, you will be able to identify what it is. When you do begin to add foods back into your diet, it is crucial that you maintain a significant water intake. Water should be the majority of what you drink every day. ***


LOW ACID FRUITS – Pears, Apricots, Papaya and Watermelon

FOR COFFEE DRINKERS – KAVA (Low Acid Instant) Cold Brew from Starbucks

FOR TEA DRINKERS – Non-Citrus Herbal Sun Brewed Tea

VITAMIN C SUBSTITUTE – Calcium Carbonate Co-buffered with Calcium Ascorbate